Hello, thanks for stopping by. I am Kezia, a Birth and Postnatal Doula based in East London. I gave birth to my daughter in 2017, it was an extremely intense and exciting experience and my proudest moment. I felt safe, prepared and informed. What do you envisage for your birth? I'm here to support you antenatally, during labour and postnatally in whatever way works best for you. 

It's my wish that you look back at your experience feeling that you made choices based on information and instinct, not fear. That you were respected, you consented, you were cared for and listened to, and maybe you even really, really enjoyed it! Whatever kind of birth you want (there’s no right or wrong) there’s a Doula for you. I support non-judgementally with your wellbeing as my main focus. I can help and support you in many ways, drop me a line and let’s have a chat. I support birthing people in all of London and Greater London. 

I completed my Doula Preparation Course with Leila Baker at Side by Side Doula Services and I have recently been accepted onto the Happy Baby Community Doula Pilot Programme supporting Asylum Seekers in Initial Accommodation.



Continuity of care and support from a Doula during pregnancy and labour reduces the risk of unnecessary or unplanned interventions. Evidence shows that Doulas also significantly contribute to a Woman/Birthing Person having a positive overall experience. My Doula services are as follows.

I offer a free no strings consultation to see if we're a good match and If I'm the Doula for you.


• 2 x 2 ish hour Birth Preparation sessions (online or in your home) 

These are bespoke antenatal sessions where you can prepare at your own pace, in your home, and ask any questions as and when they come up, we can explore the different avenues according to your unique pregnancy and circumstances.

During this time together we'll get to know each other more and go through everything you need to know to start forming your own preferences and advocate for yourself, and you may want to write it all down in a Birth Plan. We can discuss the physiology of birth and stages of labour, the pros and cons of various options or interventions, discuss medical and non-medical pain relief and coping strategies. We can also identify and address any fears you (and your Birth Partner) may have and find positive ways to overcome these. We'll talk about the role of you Birth Partner and give them the confidence to support you really effectively. We can look forward to the Fourth Trimester  by making a Postnatal Plan, discuss life with a newborn (if it's your first time!) and explore the various feeding options etc. 

I'm also available to you by phone/text/email Monday-Friday for any questions or queries you have during your pregnancy.

On Call

From 38 weeks to the birth I will be on call for you 24/7, ready to come to your home to support you in early labour and then (Covid-19 permitting) accompany you to wherever you decide to birth. I’ll aid with care and comfort measures, practical and emotional support as you wish during labour, help with other children or any logistics that need attending so you can just birth, and I’ll stay with you after the baby is born until you’re settled.


After the baby is born I’ll come to your house for one Postnatal Doula session (you can book more if you need them). I can do whatever you need on that day, be it a debrief, a nourishing meal made, signposting to information and local support going forward, help you get your confidence with the baby, prepare you a sitz bath, run a local errand for you, breast/bottle feeding support, light practical domestic help, hold the baby so you can have a sleep etc. I'll be an extra pair of helping hands to create and maintain a calm and supportive environment giving you and your baby the space to bond, rest and adjust to life. 

£850 Inclusive



I offer Postnatal Doula Services in your home (as detailed in the above package), I’ll be quietly and intuitively supporting you to navigate the ‘Fourth Trimester’. It’s very flexible and tailored to what you need on the day. Click here to read more about Postnatal Doula care, and why it's so valuable.

£20 p/h - Minimum of 3 hours

£18 p/h - Block of 20 prepaid hours


If you need a birth partner, or an extra pair of hands just for the birth then give me a call. If I can, I will come to your chosen birthing place to support you labouring and stay with you for a while after the baby arrives until you’re settled. I will not be on call for this service, it is intended as a last minute or change of plan measure (maybe your intended birth partner is unavailable suddenly) and I will only take payment if I’m able to attend the birth. We can have a chat and meet on video call beforehand, and it may be a good idea to have a few doulas in the mix if you definitely need someone there. 

£300 Inclusive 


  • Extra Birth Preparation Sessions 

These are if you feel you need more time with me before the birth. Perhaps you'd like to very thoroughly finalise your Birth/Postnatal Plan with me, or you may need some help practicing Hypnobirthing  if your Birth Partner is very busy. It might just be that you'd like to talk everything over again for reassurance, or perhaps your Birth Plan has changed last minute (for example your baby is breech and you've decided on a Caesarean Birth) and you'd like more information and a chance to adjust and prepare for this. 

£100 for 2 hours - Online

£150 for 2 hours - In person

  • Antenatal Appointments

   I can accompany you to Hospital or Midwife appointments as a support person.


  • Let's Fill Your Freezer

We can spend an afternoon (or morning!) together cooking lots of nutritious Postpartum recovery meals in preparation for when the baby arrives.


If you don’t think you can afford these prices please get in touch anyway. I’m happy to consider instalments, skills/service swap or bartering. Alternatively, if you pay more I will pay it forward to someone who needs the service but isn’t in a position to pay.



New parents receive a myriad of useless expensive gifts when their baby arrives; from baby socks made into fake roses and arranged in a hamper, to teddy bears created entirely from nappies! Why not buy them a gift that will make a positive difference to their day?

Having Doula support should not be a luxury. Send the link for these vouchers to your friends and family to help cover the cost of investing in your positive birth experience.