Rebecca - 2nd time Mum, Walthamstow 

Kezia is a godsend. She’s like a guru, your best mate and your mum all rolled into one! Being from NZ and with the prospect of giving birth and juggling a 2 year old with no support during the pandemic, my partner Ben and I decided to seek the help of a doula. We hit the jackpot with Kezia! She was so open minded about her role in supporting us. Leading up to it she made me feel so strong and empowered as, given my first birth was 30 hours and all the drugs, I was slightly anxious about what round 2 would hold. In the weeks leading up to the birth her positive and non-judgemental approach really calmed me and I truly believe she made the experience better for me. Postnatally, she was always quick to respond to my messages and so kind and caring. Plus she makes great tahini cookies which my toddler adored. Every time she came over he cried when she left and wanted to see ‘my friend Kezi’ for days after!! I can’t recommend her enough.

September 2020